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services offered

We offer superior auto body repair services .

Our complete collision repair services include auto body repair following minor and more serious accidents. We provide computerized frame straightening and repair, replacement or repair for auto body parts, and repainting services in order to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We utilize only the highest quality parts and materials as well as the latest technology in order to provide our customers with quality repairs.

At Motorsport Collision, we believe our customers' comfort and peace of mind come first; therefore, we offer these quality services:

what we do

In the event of a loss to your vehicle, whether it is a result of a collision, vandalism, etc. we will make your experience with us as smooth as possible. Transposing your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition becomes our number one priority, along with making the entire repair process as painless and easy as possible for our customers.

our collision repair process

Vehicle Disassembly

This is the section of our facility where the disassembly of the vehicle takes place. This is done to inspect the vehicle for any further, or hidden damage. If there is no frame or structural damage present, the body work and parts replacement process will begin. If the vehicle shows any sign of frame, or unibody structural damage it is sent to our on premise frame shop for further repairs.

Frame & Unibody Repair

Our frame and unibody repair system is the best in the industry. For our frame and unibody pulls, we use a Chassis Liner extended deck, two-tower machine, capable of several separate pulls at the same time. We have the size and power to repair the big dual-quad cab trucks, but still have the finesse for multiple lower pressure pulls needed on the smaller unibody vehicles

Body Work & Parts

After disassembly, our body technicians take the next step in repairing your vehicle. After all the vehicle's inner structure is back to factory specifications our technicians will replace or repair the damaged body panels, depending on the severity of the vehicle's damage. After our body technicians assure the proper fit of new body panels and all bodywork is complete; the vehicle is then turned over to our Refinishing Dept.

Painting Services

After all structural and body damage repairs are completed the vehicle is then carefully inspected for quality, proper fitment of new body panels, and overall workmanship. Once approved by the management team, the vehicle is now ready for paint. The vehicle is driven into one of our AFC downdraft spray booths where a quality urethane based paint is applied per factory specification. The finish is then baked on to the vehicle at approximately 160 degrees.

clean up & detail

The last step of our production is the reassembly of any body panels, interior trim, and exterior trim (moldings, emblems, decals, etc.) The vehicle is then road tested by one of our technicians to ensure that quality repairs have been made. After this, the vehicle is then cleaned inside and out per pickup or delivery to the owner.